AICODE101 is seeking part-time instructors to teach students from grades 2 - 12 after school in topics related to Scratch game coding, Micro.bit, Python, Raspberry Pi, JavaScript, 3D game designs and AI machine learning. Instructors will present developed and tested curriculum in STEM-related programs including Scratch, MakeCode, Micro.bit, Roblox, Python, JavaScript, Unity, VexIQ robotics, Raspberry Pi, Machine Learning etc. Course training is provided but instructors are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience. The right candidate will have the ability to create rapport with a young audience, develop their curiosity of how things work, motivate their critical-thinking abilities, and develop problem-solving skills. We are looking for an energetic individual with an engaging personality who believes in our philosophy of learning and innovating in a fun environment.

This opportunity is for our leaders of tomorrow who want to share the passion they have for their career choice.

Future STEM graduates: Take this opportunity to pass the torch, influence the next generation, and further develop your transferable career skills.

Future teachers: Take advantage of the opportunity to work with different grade levels, help you decide your preference, and further develop your classroom management skills.

On-site Programs: We visit different schools or centers to teach. Classes are held 3:00–6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Hours are flexible and based on scheduled classes and instructor availabilities. Typically, our instructors oversee classes twice a week over three seasons (fall, winter, and spring) and full day teaching opportunities for summer camps in both USA and China are also available. Each class is typically led by a lead coach with 8–12 students. 

Online Programs: We offer online STEM Coding + AI programs.  Hours are flexible and based on instructor availabilities


• Passion for working with young people and guiding them in exploration

• College-level knowledge of Computer Science, Engineering or similar majors, or Education

• Confident, energetic, and assertive enough to control a class of high-energy young kids

• General knowledge of programming language

• Driver’s license and reliable automobile with clean driving record (ability to safely transport supplies in multiple large bins)

• Able to pass a background check (includes FBI fingerprinting and child abuse record check)


Please include in cover letter experience with:

• Micro.bit/Arduino/Raspberry Pi

• Scratch, MakeCode, or other game languages/apps for children

• LEGO robotics

• Minecraft, Roblox, Unity

• Tinkercard or other 3D design apps

• Java, Python, HTML, 3D Printing

• AWS, IBM, or Azure machine learning systems

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